8ft trampoline with enclosure

8ft trampoline with enclosure

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Kids and adults have been jumping around on trampolines for decades but the traditional full sized tramps are often much too large for the average city dwelling homes back yard. Its not always easy to find the room to place these large toys.

8ft trampoline with enclosure specifications

An 8ft trampoline with enclosure provides a logical answer to the problem of space, with its smaller size and built-in safety device. These smaller trampolines are able to support 100 kilograms of weight or about 220 pounds, so they are safe and reliable for children of all ages to play on.

The enclosure on these trampolines is made of durable mesh fabric with a zipper entrance and stands 50 inches (4ft, 2inches) high which is plenty tall enough to protect children while playing. The enclosures are sold with the trampoline, not separately.

The exercise value of an 8ft trampoline with enclosure is phenomenal, providing kids with a way to not only release some extra energy which is something that parents can appreciate, but it also gives them a valuable workout at the same time. Mention exercise to most kids and they will groan in pain but make it fun and they will happily accept it.

These trampolines require at least two people to assemble, as they are slow to put together due to the need to stretch the mat and attach springs to the frame all the way around the trampoline. With a helper, this project becomes much easier to accomplish. The enclosure mesh also needs to be stretched and attached at several places so that helper will come in handy. Once it is built however, the trampoline is able to provide years of durable service.

The 8ft enclosed trampoline is generally described as a childs first trampoline but most models are strong enough to carry that child throughout his or her childhood and some are even reinforced beneath the mat to be used by adults as well. In this way, the entire family can enjoy the trampoline and get aerobic workouts at the same time. Buying one of these smaller trampolines is a great way to keep your entire family in shape while sharing great times and making lasting memories.

Where to buy 8ft enclosed trampoline

These trampolines are easy to buy, both online where they can be ordered from sites such as Amazon.com and in department stores everywhere. They are usually located in the toy department and reviews of these trampolines can be found online for parents to peruse.

Built with galvanized steel reinforced in zinc, smaller trampolines are meant to last in outdoor use for at least a decade, even longer if the trampoline is used indoors. Yes, indoors. Some homes are large enough for an 8ft trampoline with enclosure to be set up inside. A basement, a large playroom, wherever there is sufficient space, is a good place for an indoor trampoline.

This no excuses type of exercise is good year round, indoors or out and provides years of reliable use. The 8ft enclosed trampoline is an excellent way for families to spend a good time together doing something fun without having to spend a lot of money in the process. Do yourself a favor and read the reviews online, search the stores or websites and pick out the trampoline that is perfect for your family. You wont regret it.

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