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When you are looking to put some variety into your rather boring fitness routines, you can use a few mini trampoline workouts using a 6ft trampoline. Bouncing on a trampoline is always a great deal of fun and can in the long run be beneficial to your physical health.

The Advantage of Trampoline Workouts

Trampoline workouts are gentle on the joints, because the contraption absorbs most of the shocks, and is thus ideal for those who have problems with their knees. When you work on a trampoline, it is always advantageous to wear shoes that will not slip, as sometimes trampolines do get slippery when they are used by persons who are sweating or even from the dew in the early morning. Wearing such shoes also reduces the possibilities of getting any foot injuries. When you buy or order a 6ft trampoline go in for models that are made by the best manufacturers. This will ensure that the structure is sound and the ropes and springs used will be of the best quality that can give long years of service.

Exercises That Can Be Done on a 6ft Trampoline

The simple bounce is the one that you need to start with. It is probably the one that you will use in the sports equipment shop when you go there to purchase the trampoline and are requested to test it for your satisfaction. The other usual exercises on trampolines can involve running or jogging in place and swinging your arms vigorously while doing so. Squats with dumbbells can also be performed on a 6ft trampoline. There are other exercises like jumping jack bounces, sprinting and many others. Working on a trampoline fixed in your back yard can be great fun for both you and all members of the family. A 6ft trampoline is suited for use of only one person at a time. Look at bigger models if you have more members warning to use it at the same time.

Trampolines For Sale

When you are looking for the best trampoline to buy, you would do well to read on all the reviews of the various equipments that are on offer. Paramount in the considerations for your buy, has to be the safety of the equipment and the space that you have to install it. While mini trampolines with a 40 inch diameter and 10 inch height are available they require to be used rather carefully because the limited area can at times become dangerous. A 6ft trampoline on the other hand is safe enough for children and the elderly . The round shape on such trampolines will take the exerciser back to the center and thus can ensure safety, especially where children and the elderly are concerned. Check on the maximum weight of the trampoline. One with a maximum of 250 pounds is suited for most people. The structure should be of heavy duty steel that is either galvanized or powder coated. The polypropylene jumping surfaces must also be of heavy duty. Buying a surround is best if children are to use the trampoline, as it will prevent them falling off.

A 6ft trampoline can also be ideal for sunbathing when not being used for exercise. If you have bought a trampoline that is of the folding type, you can even use it into a pool or a lake to add fun to the swimming.